25 January 2011

not keeping it in perspective.

Murphy’s law mandates that the moment I open my big mouth, he will come for a visit.
I don’t want to be overly dramatic here, but I feel that I have lost a necessary appendage.
Last night, after I posted my little rant about iTunes addiction, my iPhone died.
I got a text from my girlfriend, closed the text window, put my phone in my pocket and when I pulled it out later the screen wouldn’t wake up. I put the phone on the charger and…nothing. I tried a variety of other things but nothing worked. I decided to bravely face this challenge as if it were “no big deal”. I got out my old school LG Vu, switched over my card, and voila working phone.
BUT today, in the light of day it IS a BIG DEAL!
I use that dang phone for everything. I don’t even keep a real calendar anymore (I could be missing an appointment right now!); it’s all in my phone. I am crazy about “to do” lists and I think I had about four different ones saved in my notes, along with an  ongoing grocery list, a to-read list, and random other personal things that I can’t remember right now. I also have gotten very used to certain apps: one that I record weight, intake, and exercise (It’s just not worth it if I don’t get to see the hard work in black and white) also the weather channel (app) has me checking the weather before I even get up and I often don’t even turn on the morning news anymore, but just check the top local news stories. Don’t even get me started on not being able to play Mancala, Angry Birds, Diner Dash, Solitaire, or that Bubble popping game. I then {big, heavy sigh here} had to dig out my old iPod that hasn’t been synched in awhile because I have to be able to “tune out” during the day (I know, boohoo- poor me). Lastly, my contacts have changed since I had my old phone and let’s face it no one memorizes phone numbers anymore, soooo if I don’t call for a few weeks send me a text with your contact info.

I will be getting my phone fixed soon. 

Right after, I get my washing machine, dishwasher, garage door and car fixed. It’s been that kind of week people! I’m too entrenched in the stress of those things all breaking at once to discuss it right now, but I’ll fill you in later.

24 January 2011

where's my meeting?

Hi, my name is Angie and I'm an iTunes junkie.
It's been 8 days since my last download and I'm thinking of things I want to download right now.
I started slow. Just an occasional download when I was charging my iPod, but then it slowly progressed to me cruising the iTunes store while waiting at a red light.
My family has tried to get me to stop, but now I've come to deleting the statement before anyone else can see it.
I had an eye opening moment when I set my iPod to shuffle and I had to keep advancing to the next song because no one really sits and listens to songs from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.
I'm ashamed and I don't know if I can stop.

20 January 2011

the end is near.

On my way into work this morning, I was listening to a man being interviewed on the radio. It was a celebrity.
He was talking about how he was preparing for the end of the world next year.
Just stop and let that statement marinate for a second.
I thought he was joking until he said, “I read a lot of scientific papers from scientist that prove the continents will be splitting up next year.” (Yes, that is a direct quote. I double checked and he did say, “Scientific papers from scientists”)
Well, there you go.
World will be ending.
He went on to clarify that some people will survive; I assume he is planning on being one of the survivors. He also stated that if the Mayan people knew that the center of the universe was a black hole then we have to give credit to their theory that the earth will have a polar shift which will result in the earth’s crust displacement.
Hmmmm, sounds very scientific (hee, hee).
I believe he is getting this all from the movie 2012, although I have not seen it, so I cannot confirm this.
Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you how he was preparing…Stockpiling frozen food.
Yep. Because if the continents do split up, I’m sure he’ll still have electricity to keep it all frozen.
As for me, I will not be preparing for any cataclysmic polar shift/continent split up. I’ve seen enough Zombie movies to prepare for anything and know that you just grab a backpack, a gun and run.

For those of you that don’t get my humor in this, I am making fun of someone for basing his plan of action on a movie, while planning mine also on movies. (Probably not as funny as I think it is, but it’s my blog and I’ll decide what’s funny, or not here.)

(september) irish festival

This was from September, but I thought would share.
 Baby Viking is learning some hurling. (I think, that's what it's called.) 
I'm no expert, but I think his and her matching skirts is probably a NO.
Love, Love, Love the bagpipes and drums, also this guy swinging his baton rocked.
Who can pass by this sign and not want to stop for stew?
Isn't he cute? Wish the chair next to him was free.
Apparently these girls are so synchronized that they even blink together.
Addi and Mady (my friend's Brian & Sarah's little one) were running around like wild girls. 
Sarah with her cutie Jake hiding. Seriously, aren't those curls adorable?
I don't even know where to begin on this...is this a work kilt? Could you imagine this guy up on a ladder or repairing a fence?

Good times.

08 January 2011

(november) Veterans concert

It's no secret that I tend to be a little emotional. To say I wear my feelings on my sleeve is a gross understatement, I tend to hold my emotions in the palm of my hand ready for any moment that they could possibly be needed. It's embarrassing and probably difficult for the people in my life to deal with. I had a recent event at Addi's school that could have been pretty embarrassing for me (and the family with me) but I held it together. Too bad I was the one holding the camera though! The combination of patriotic music (which always gets my eyes leaking) and the sweet baby voice of my little girl (That is growing up way too fast, it's killing me) was the perfect emotional storm that I had to implement old Lamaze breathing technique to keep it together. Needless to say, no one knew that I wanted to bawl, but the video is a bit shaky. Addi has the second little solo. Enjoy.