22 January 2010

random thoughts.

A few random Friday thoughts…

1. A Fried bologna biscuit (really?) at Hardee’s….that is disgusting. Someone could die from that.

2. If you absolutely HAVE to do “business” at your place of employment (You know what I’m talking about), PLEASE go to the dark abandoned basement bathroom that no one ever uses. Seriously, those stalls aren’t sound proof and I just about barfed today!

3. I am officially addicted to vitamin water but am worried about overdosing on vitamins…Today I drank two VW essential, so that is 500% of my recommended daily Vitamin C and then couple that with the Women’s One a Day vitamin I take every morning…I think I may just turn Orange! Or something?!

4. I am so very tired of these grey skies! I can’t even remember the last sunshiny day I saw…and it’s making me blue.{insert frowny face here}

5. Tonight I am going to a Lia Sophia jewelry party!!! Nothing like a little bling (and Champagne punch-I hear) to cheer up this girl.

6. Sunday, I will be getting together with my little theater group for our 2010 theater membership. This is one of my favorite nights! We have dinner and watch a great show (this month we will be seeing the foreigner) and laugh like crazy girls…I can’t wait!

7. I started a new book club. We will be reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and meeting on Monday, March 22 for dinner and discussion. For those of you that live out of town, feel free to read and discuss with me via e-mail. (I’m lookin’ at you little sister!)

8. And lastly…If you run into my Fairy God Mother, tell her to get her wand over here because I have some wishes I need granted! See #4 the “blue” part.

Have a wonderful weekend!

18 January 2010

if the shoe fits...

One of my favorite fashion decades was the 1940’s.

This was a time that women became more daring with their style. Dresses were fitted through the waist to show more of that classic hourglass shape of a woman, hose had that sexy seam down the back of the leg and shoes transformed from the functional & sturdy to a feminine, sexy, fashion statement.

Anytime I find something 40’s inspired I can’t resist admiring it, so when one of my favorite on-line shopping sites added a dress line that is all 1940’s inspired I literally swooned!

I have looked at these dresses over and over again, trying to decide which one I want. As I looked, I fell in love with the classic T-strap pump that a lot of the models are wearing and decided I had to have those shoes immediately. So I began my on-line search for the perfect pair.

Any girl that likes a good pair of pumps knows that there is a thin line between trashy and classy when it comes to heels. So finally after weeding through all the trashy I came to a pair I LOVE.

I wanted to show my husband while he was online looking at golf clubs and he said, “I don’t need to see them, if you like them just buy them.” (Also know as…Please don’t make me look at girl stuff)

Hmmmmm…sounds like I got the green light!

Maybe I should tell him they were $595 PRADA; after all, he won’t be able to afford those new golf clubs he was looking at.

Just kidding…I’ll keep looking for another perfect pair of T-strap pumps. (If you find any, let me know!)

12 January 2010

the committee of steroid abuse in baseball.

I can not believe that Steroids in Baseball made headline news again today.

When I think about the waste of time and money that this issue has cost our country it outrages me. The Senate Commerce committee, a Grand Jury investigation, The House Government Reform committee and then a Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce committee have all played around with subpoenaing and listening to testimony on who WAS or WASN’T taking steroids…and of course, WHERE they got them.

I’m over it!

Don’t care who did or didn’t do it.

Honestly, we all know that the '98 home run race between McGwire and Sosa was the most exciting thing in baseball for a long time…raise your hand if you thought baseball players weren’t doing steroids then!!

Our government had no business wasting time trying to enforce drug testing and punishment guidelines on the MLB committee, there are so many other pressing issues for the government to deal with.

What a waste…

BTW Senator McCain, Do you really think all those National Football League players are just genetically superior human beings?

11 January 2010

welcome, twenty-ten.

When I sat down to write a list of resolutions for this year, the list kept growing and growing, every single facet of my life seemed to be in need of a little improvement.

I tried to narrow it down and think about what should really be important, but nothing came to the surface.

I started thinking about what it would be like to be able to keep all my resolutions, and thought that, by the end of the year I would be a completely different person!

What struck me was that children seem to pull it off every single year. When I look at the progression my children have made in the last year it amazes me. I can clearly see growth and maturity in every aspect of their beings.

Why can’t adults do that?

Is it Laziness? Stubbornness? Ignorance?

I don’t know what kind of growth and maturity I can achieve this year, but I’m going to aim big. I hope to look back on Twenty-Ten and be able to marvel at the child-like growth I’ve attained.