12 January 2010

the committee of steroid abuse in baseball.

I can not believe that Steroids in Baseball made headline news again today.

When I think about the waste of time and money that this issue has cost our country it outrages me. The Senate Commerce committee, a Grand Jury investigation, The House Government Reform committee and then a Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce committee have all played around with subpoenaing and listening to testimony on who WAS or WASN’T taking steroids…and of course, WHERE they got them.

I’m over it!

Don’t care who did or didn’t do it.

Honestly, we all know that the '98 home run race between McGwire and Sosa was the most exciting thing in baseball for a long time…raise your hand if you thought baseball players weren’t doing steroids then!!

Our government had no business wasting time trying to enforce drug testing and punishment guidelines on the MLB committee, there are so many other pressing issues for the government to deal with.

What a waste…

BTW Senator McCain, Do you really think all those National Football League players are just genetically superior human beings?

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  1. Amen Sister!! so sick of hearing about it...and Tiger woods too...... blech!! Lost your blog! Next time you come to town...give me a call!!!!