18 January 2010

if the shoe fits...

One of my favorite fashion decades was the 1940’s.

This was a time that women became more daring with their style. Dresses were fitted through the waist to show more of that classic hourglass shape of a woman, hose had that sexy seam down the back of the leg and shoes transformed from the functional & sturdy to a feminine, sexy, fashion statement.

Anytime I find something 40’s inspired I can’t resist admiring it, so when one of my favorite on-line shopping sites added a dress line that is all 1940’s inspired I literally swooned!

I have looked at these dresses over and over again, trying to decide which one I want. As I looked, I fell in love with the classic T-strap pump that a lot of the models are wearing and decided I had to have those shoes immediately. So I began my on-line search for the perfect pair.

Any girl that likes a good pair of pumps knows that there is a thin line between trashy and classy when it comes to heels. So finally after weeding through all the trashy I came to a pair I LOVE.

I wanted to show my husband while he was online looking at golf clubs and he said, “I don’t need to see them, if you like them just buy them.” (Also know as…Please don’t make me look at girl stuff)

Hmmmmm…sounds like I got the green light!

Maybe I should tell him they were $595 PRADA; after all, he won’t be able to afford those new golf clubs he was looking at.

Just kidding…I’ll keep looking for another perfect pair of T-strap pumps. (If you find any, let me know!)

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