22 January 2010

random thoughts.

A few random Friday thoughts…

1. A Fried bologna biscuit (really?) at Hardee’s….that is disgusting. Someone could die from that.

2. If you absolutely HAVE to do “business” at your place of employment (You know what I’m talking about), PLEASE go to the dark abandoned basement bathroom that no one ever uses. Seriously, those stalls aren’t sound proof and I just about barfed today!

3. I am officially addicted to vitamin water but am worried about overdosing on vitamins…Today I drank two VW essential, so that is 500% of my recommended daily Vitamin C and then couple that with the Women’s One a Day vitamin I take every morning…I think I may just turn Orange! Or something?!

4. I am so very tired of these grey skies! I can’t even remember the last sunshiny day I saw…and it’s making me blue.{insert frowny face here}

5. Tonight I am going to a Lia Sophia jewelry party!!! Nothing like a little bling (and Champagne punch-I hear) to cheer up this girl.

6. Sunday, I will be getting together with my little theater group for our 2010 theater membership. This is one of my favorite nights! We have dinner and watch a great show (this month we will be seeing the foreigner) and laugh like crazy girls…I can’t wait!

7. I started a new book club. We will be reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and meeting on Monday, March 22 for dinner and discussion. For those of you that live out of town, feel free to read and discuss with me via e-mail. (I’m lookin’ at you little sister!)

8. And lastly…If you run into my Fairy God Mother, tell her to get her wand over here because I have some wishes I need granted! See #4 the “blue” part.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am so, so with you on #4. Have the serious winter blues with these gray skies. BUT, you will love The Foreigner--it's very, very funny and will help with those blues. And Water for Elephants is a great book! You have good taste.

    If you find that Fairy God Mother, would you let me know?

  2. Oh man....sorry, but I would TOTALLY LOVE to have a fried bologna biscuit!!!! Love, Love fried bologna!!! I just wish we had a Hardee's!!

    I'm with ya on the gray skie's too, I just got some Vit D so hopefully that will help me get out of this funk...although the nice georgia weather did help ;)

    love ya,