04 February 2010

wee babes.

Oh how sweet they are...

My aunt just sent me this picture and it really took me back.

Addi was so hard to keep on that chair, she was just starting to toddle around and was always on the go. Her little face always had a little crinkle nosed smile. I truly don't remember her crying ever.

Sweet Peyt looked so grown up but was only 2 when this picture was taken. He was such a wild and crazy little guy, he had knocked out his front tooth and had stitches over one eye already. He didn't have that front tooth for the next 7 years!!

Such sweet little monsters babes...almost makes me want a few more...

1 comment:

  1. WOW....that really takes you back!! TOO CUTE!!!! I cant believe how grown up they are now! I love those little guys so much!