08 February 2010

i’m listening to: Addison Road

So, my friend, Rachael casually mentioned one day that she found this really awesome band that she thought I would like named Addison Road.

I was all, “Cool…I’ll have to check them out”, thinking…I won’t remember.

But, for some reason that name stuck (maybe because I have an Addison living in my house) and I looked ‘em up…and I LOVE (all caps!), LOVE, LOVE, this band.

It was late night, I was cruising the i-tunes store and only listened to one or two of their songs and knew that I would love this album so I downloaded the whole darn thing.

Couldn’t be happier…it was a wise purchase (I seem to think all purchases are wise though)!

Some of you may already know this band; I believe they were on tour with Mercy Me last year.

One of their songs, Hope Now, is my new life mantra song (seriously)…I try to listen to it often and remind myself who is in control of my life. Two of my other favorite songs (Casualties and All That Matters) put this reality into perspective and remind me what a shallow society we live in.

Go have a listen here.

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  1. I'm so glad you love their music. I'm Jenny's mom and I am so very proud of her. She really believes what she sings..... and not just believes it..... but LIVES it. If you haven't read her blog, you should.... i think you'ld love it too.