11 January 2010

welcome, twenty-ten.

When I sat down to write a list of resolutions for this year, the list kept growing and growing, every single facet of my life seemed to be in need of a little improvement.

I tried to narrow it down and think about what should really be important, but nothing came to the surface.

I started thinking about what it would be like to be able to keep all my resolutions, and thought that, by the end of the year I would be a completely different person!

What struck me was that children seem to pull it off every single year. When I look at the progression my children have made in the last year it amazes me. I can clearly see growth and maturity in every aspect of their beings.

Why can’t adults do that?

Is it Laziness? Stubbornness? Ignorance?

I don’t know what kind of growth and maturity I can achieve this year, but I’m going to aim big. I hope to look back on Twenty-Ten and be able to marvel at the child-like growth I’ve attained.

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