20 January 2011

(september) irish festival

This was from September, but I thought would share.
 Baby Viking is learning some hurling. (I think, that's what it's called.) 
I'm no expert, but I think his and her matching skirts is probably a NO.
Love, Love, Love the bagpipes and drums, also this guy swinging his baton rocked.
Who can pass by this sign and not want to stop for stew?
Isn't he cute? Wish the chair next to him was free.
Apparently these girls are so synchronized that they even blink together.
Addi and Mady (my friend's Brian & Sarah's little one) were running around like wild girls. 
Sarah with her cutie Jake hiding. Seriously, aren't those curls adorable?
I don't even know where to begin on this...is this a work kilt? Could you imagine this guy up on a ladder or repairing a fence?

Good times.

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