06 May 2010

circus training.

My children have been so lucky to experience many different exciting activities. One of my favorite activities to watch happens to be...JUGGLING.

I know that sounds kinda crazy. I don't know anyone that would get pumped up about going to a juggling show. When my kids first told me about Juggling Masters at their school, I remember thinking, "As long as I don't have to watch." It proved to be one of the most energetic, entertaining events at their school.

The Kinesiology teacher (That's right, the kids don't call it  P.E. or gym anymore. They say K-lab or Kinesiology lab) comes in before school three days a week during the winter months and teaches the kids how to use all kinds of juggling/balancing equipment. They all start to learn with scarves because they fall slowly to the ground. After they have the patterns and tossing techniques down they move on to other equipment like bean bags, rings, and clubs. In addition to that they learn how to use mystics, spin plates on sticks, walk on stilts, ride unicycles, and my personal favorite the Diabolo. Their performance is very high energy. Matter of fact, when the music starts, the kids enter the gym from two different doors, run straight at each other, then into a tight circle and then they have musical cues to tell them when to start juggling.

They also have music cues to know when to stop and run to get their next piece of equipment, it's a lot of crazy running.
 There were some major collisions, but the kids jumped back up and acted like nothing happened! As they say, "The show must go on!"

I'm just thinking...if the whole college thing isn't a good fit for them they could always join the circus.

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  1. Sounds awesome! Very cool of your school to have this program.