07 May 2010

aye, aye, aye (or: stop the ride, i'm gonna throw up!)

My schedule is INSANE right now. I have just about every single minute of every single day scheduled out with a waiting list of "stuff" that needs shoved in if I happen to have any cancellations.
We are short staffed at work for the next 8 weeks and after searching high and low for a PRN employee and even trying to talk a girl into a little cross training we are floatin' down the river with only half a broken paddle.
I started going in early to get our day started off right and it's taking me a l-o-n-g time to adjust. I have a terrible time forcing myself to go to bed.
I have always had "Mommy time" from 9 to 11pm after I got the kids to bed and I can't seem to give it up yet. So far, I go and go until I have an involuntary shut down.
For example: Last night, I was going to try to catch up on email because I have a very strict email system...
New mail, has to be dealt with that day.
Old mail, have up to two weeks.
Saved mail, anything that will need longer than two weeks.
I think other people should adopt this...I can't stand it when Ms D (yes you!) opens her email and in her inbox she has over 200 email...that is ridiculous!
Getting back to the point...I fell asleep sitting up while my mail was opening!!!
That is also ridiculous.
One interesting observation about going in early, I have confirmed that Starbucks does indeed put crack in the coffee. I have walked in at 5:15am and my girl was all "Hey girl, You want a nonfat, no whip, white mocha this morning?" really loud and HAPPY! Who remembers their customer's order and smiles at 5:15am?
Crack dealers...I tell you.
Also, If you have to go in before 6:00am stop lights are optional. There are some that are flashing yellow and you don't even have to slow down for those...but the normal kind that goes from yellow to red you can just slow down a little and drive on through.
This morning, somebodies Grandma pulled up next to me at a red light and looked both ways, smiled at me and drove through the red light.
Crazy Grandma. I guess it's just a perk of having to get up early.
Saturday is the half marathon!! I will be picking up my race packet tomorrow night. Also, one of my coworkers is throwing a post mini party with a little hot tubing and refreshments. I am really excited...I don't care how I do this year just as long as the "bus of shame" doesn't get me. Wish me luck!
p.s. It's late, I'm tired forgive my grammar/spelling errors.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the Mini!! That is awesome! :)