16 November 2009

girl maintained.

A girl and her beautician have a special relationship. The beautician is almost as essential to her well being as her physician. Nothing is better than fresh from the salon hair.

Recently I started looking into a new salon. Although I really liked my regular girl, she had become more difficult to get an appointment with. I spent one Saturday afternoon checking into the local salons that had good reviews.

One potential candidate really caught my eye because they were an Aveda salon, which means that all the products they use are flower and plant derived. This is especially important to me because I have very sensitive skin and I am always afraid of having some weird reaction to products that are used on me. The Aveda salon owner gave me a tour and spent about an hour with me, talking about the products they use and services they offer (the salon is also a spa). All looked good to me, so I scheduled an appointment.

It went wonderfully, they do this amazing neck and shoulder massage while talking to you about your hair, and then while they were doing my hair they had this delicious lavender smelling neck warming thing on me. I loved it. My hair looked super shiny and healthy after they were done. They even touch up your lipstick and rub your hands down with this great lotion before they finish with you... Ahhhhhhh, I was so happy and relaxed. The last thing I needed before I left was a quick wax and then I would be good to go.

The waxing didn’t seem to feel any different than any other time I’ve been waxed, until she put the aloe on my brows afterward and it burned!!! I looked in the mirror she gave me and they were red but not any more than expected. I left the salon happy and ran around the rest of the Saturday. Sunday morning I woke up and immediately knew that something was wrong with my eyelids.

They were swollen, burned and felt sticky to the touch.

Looking in the mirror confirmed my worst suspicion, while being waxed the beautician ripped off my eyelid skin.


I am now sporting shiny Neosporin eye shadow until they heal. It is painful being a girl.

Update: (18-Nov-09) I have received restitution for my less than optimal waxing experience in the form of a gift certificate.


  1. omg, how horrible,.... i actualy broke down and "plucked" the other night, to save money!! it's so painful!!!!! i much prefer a wax...but not your kind.... bless your heart!!! uugh! but the hair.... WOW!!!! looks good and shiney!!!!

  2. OH NO...poor Angie!! I know, isn't Aveda soooo AWESOME!?!?!?! Your hair on the other hand look's fabulous ;) I've found my new salon at the Aveda Institute, cheap and great service, that is until my girl graduates, but then by that time I should be starting school...so it'll be all good ;)

    Hope your eye's are better soon!!! :(
    <3 ya

  3. Chelseys always do that and it is from one medication she is on, so now she has to have them threaded. Maybe it's one of your medications, or maybe she just had it too hot...painful

  4. Well your hair looks great and the shape of your eyebrows is good. Don't you LOVE their hairspray

  5. Beautifully written but Ouch!!! Not cool - doesn't she know to just wax the hair! Call the owner & get a refund. She may try to offer a free wax next time - but I would refuse. Your hair looks awesome though! :) Such a Breck girl LOL (That was from the 70s if you can remember that far back.) Love - "Faux Farrah"

  6. That has happended to me before @ JCPenney salon. Ashley puts baby powder on my skin before the wax so it protects you skin.

  7. OMG Angelina! Are you OK? You look gorgeous by the way...as if that is any consolation for ripping your eyelids off!