13 November 2009

house of cards.

Often, the carefully built house of cards that we have around us comes falling down.

It could be that poor construction is what brings it down. We can only build on a weak foundation up to a critical moment. When you get to that point, no matter how many cards you try to squeeze in at the foundation they just won’t hold it all up.

Other times the people we think are helping us build our house destroy it by slamming a door so hard it reverberates throughout us and brings everything crashing down. Or even worse, carelessly throwing open a window during a hurricane just to bring it all down.

The cards mean so much to us. We have collected them along the paths of our lives. They are who we are.

Or maybe, just who we believe we are.

As I look around at all my cards lying on the floor, I see it as an opportunity.

It is time for me to start rebuilding. As I start this process I will be careful to make sure the foundation is strong and only built with the best cards I have. I will take my time to examine each card I have and only place the ones I am sure I want to keep and leave the ones I don’t laying on the floor. This house will be better than what I had constructed before, it will be stronger, more complete, and I will take the necessary time to build it exactly the way I want it.

I will be better, stronger, and more complete.


  1. hmmmmmm...very well written and i totally understand what you are saying.... **hugs**

  2. Your such a GREAT writer ;)

    <3 ya

  3. You are a phenomenal writer, Angie. This post really got to me. I totally relate.

  4. Make Christ the cornerstone of that rebuilt house and you can't ever go wrong! I so enjoy reading your blog. I think you missed your calling :)