03 September 2009

the joy of parenting.

Ahhh, the joys of being a parent.
It never fails to amaze me that right when I think I have my children figured out, the rug gets pulled out from under my feet and I’m wondering , “What the hell just happened”!

My son just turned 10 last weekend. I am so proud of the empathetic, smart, honest, and happy child he is growing into.

He also has developed a strong sense of integrity (10 year old style); he feels very strongly that if you make a promise to him you have to follow through. For example, last week when he had his sister swear to God that she would not tell on him for having his friend over before I got home, but she told on him, so he felt that it would be appropriate punishment to kick her in the head for “breaking a promise to him and God”. Also, I am so glad that he has become so confident in himself that (he gets this from his father) he feels the need to, one up everyone especially his sister… if she got a score of 560 he reminds her that at her age his scored 1200. My son also has a great sense of humor but sometimes goes a little too far for a laugh, like depantsing a classmate while they hang from the monkey bars.

It seems as a parent there isn’t really ever a coasting time, the checks and balances we have carefully placed are constantly needed updated, to ensure that our children stay on the paths that will help them grow into an adult. It seemed so simple when we started…love, food, shelter. It is so much more…but the love we get in return is invaluable.

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