08 September 2009

girl's best friend.

I miss my dog. It was so hard to let him go.

Some of my favorite memories of Drew:

He loved to lay out in the sun.

Every first snow he ran around like a crazy puppy rolling and digging, he would look up with snow all over him and crack me up.

When he wanted our other dog to play he would grab a ball, hold it out the side of his mouth, run up to Griffey and stop inches from his face and then run back and forth the length of our yard hoping to be chased.

He once destroyed our kitchen floor, he must have gotten an edge and just went to town, we came home to a large hole in the middle and the shreds of floor around him.

We tried to lock him in the basement once and he ate half of the bottom step.

He accidentally got locked in our daughters bedroom and he dug into the carpet and pulled half the room up and then ate the carpet pad under it.

He had a fear of fireworks that would send him into a crazy run all over the yard looking for someplace to hide.

When he was scared he hid in the bathtub, it was funny to pull back the curtain and see him sitting there.

He would swim for hours in the pond and when he was too tired to swim he would walk the edge half in half out of the water not ready to call it quits for the day.

He was scared of feathers discarded in the yard by ducks and geese he would sniff and jump and then finally grab them in his mouth only to jump and try to spit it out.

He would greet us each morning and after work doing "scooby talk" he would go on and on Rrrr rrr rrrrr rrr, it was so cool.

He had a huge crazy grin.

He would never leave your side when you were sick. He would hear the garage door open and sit up straight and want to see who was home but would stay right by your side until you got up.

He would tuck himself next to me on the couch while I was reading and keep my feet warm.

He knew how to open the back door to our house and let himself out often, so I would constantly
be closing the back door.

He loved and protected our kids so much that he made an attempt at Grandpa while he was wrestling with the kids.

He was completely devoted to us.

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  1. How sweet....he was such a sweet dog! I loved how he would give me kisses and run away and hide! Too cute.
    I love your blog. You are such a gifted writer:) Love you.