29 August 2009


Sometimes people are lucky. They happen to turn the corner at the right time. They strike up a conversation with someone they normally wouldn't have. They accept a date even though they don't think the time is right for them.

Sometimes Love is pure, simple, completing.

I have witnessed this Love. It has been an inspiration and a puzzle. Is there such a thing as a soul mate? A person that binds with you like a second hand that you didn't know you had. Would we recognize this person if we came across them briefly? Would we understand the reward if we completely surrendered ourselves to this rare love.

The woman had a full life, day to day struggles were a heavy burden, and she was a mother and had a higher purpose than herself. The man may not have known what he was looking for, he was driven and had a set path for himself that he was focused on. It may not have been the ideal time in their lives to find one another, but when they came together they both recognized each other as their perfect fit. Their love was unique and they began to shine together. They lifted each other up and each accomplished many great things. Challenges that no normal couple would even consider, were easily achieved together. Small annoyances that would split a weak bond only made their bond to each other stronger. They both loved each other selflessly, just enjoying each moment they have together. They made each other so much better and have lived a very complete and fulfilled left together.

Margaret kissed her husband good bye for the last time last night. He was in so much pain and held on to his life as long as he could, Larry wanted to make sure his beloved wife would be alright without him. They both were completely focused on each other up to the very last moment.

Selfless. Pure. Complete. An Inspiration.

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