26 August 2009

use it or lose it.

That old adage that says, “You have to use it, or lose it” is so true! I can no longer hula hoop, double dutch jump, and a whole list of other things I’m just too afraid to try! I remember my sister and I doing penny drops (aka. cherry drops) at the playground (this is when you hang on a bar by your knees and swing…when you get high enough you let go with your knees and land on your feet!) all the time. I lived without fear of ever getting hurt…which could be why I’ve had stitches 5 different times. I still occasionally try things I shouldn’t, some of you recall earlier this summer when I wiped out TWICE on my son’s scooter. I’m afraid I’m getting old…and what if I lose it ALL!

So, a week or two a go, a woman I know through work talked to me about signing up to do the mini-marathon with her. For those of you that don’t live in Indiana, the mini-marathon is a kind of a right of passage here, everyone’s done it at least once and many friends of mine continue to run it annually. If you are too slow and go over the four hours of allotted time they pick you up in a bus-of-shame at the end. Really though, you have 18 minutes per mile…I could walk that if I had to, right?! And! They have a beer tent at the end for the participants, so I could be highly motivated near the end.

I signed up. (13.1 miles) I have from now till May 8, 2010 @7:30AM to get ready for this. Hopefully I can find a sports bra that will make it 13.1 miles without anybody getting hurt.


  1. LOL about the sports bra!!! :) But seriously- try athleta.com- they have good stuff- I'd go for the high imapct category!

    Sad to think that when you are doing this marathon, my daughter will be almost 1!!!! :( I'm proud of you for doing this! Get some blister free socks too!!!

  2. Thanks Lib! I'll have to check out athleta...bad luck lately with those!
    Allie is already growing sooo fast! I wish we lived closer. Love ya.