25 August 2009

never a dull night.

Just as I’m beginning to drift off to sleep I hear someone yell.

I sit straight up in bed, eyes searching the dark, heart pounding, and listen so hard I find myself holding my breath.

The moment I decide it was just something in my mind, I hear mumbling…I think I can make out a few words…get them…throw that…

It’s my son; he is up in his bed, sound asleep, flinging his arms around talking up a storm. I reach up and pat his arm and he seems to quiet down some. I'm not convinced that I won't be back again though.

He does this a lot; he seems to have a very active dream life. He’s had dreams about mutant Legos, snakes eating his dogs, dogs eating him, zombie parents; you name it, crazy stuff. I swear that I NEVER let him watch anything even remotely scary.

I remember the first time my husband and I knew he had some sleep “issues”, he was two (almost 3). We kept a gate across his doorway and he never climbed it, when he wanted out he would stand by the gate lean his head out the door and yell for us. One night we heard: Bang...thump-thump-thump-thump-thump-thump, my husband and I both jumped up and ran into the living room and flipped on the lights. Our child had a glazed over look of fear on his face and was perched up on the back of a chair trying to hold his legs up! We grabbed him and called his name but he was totally out of it. We just tucked him back into bed and he didn't remember a thing in the morning.

I hope he eventually grows out of this, I would hate to think of him out wandering the streets asleep when he moves out on his own. Maybe this will be the excuse I'll have to make him live at home forever.

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  1. Kyle sleep walks, sometimes he just comes in our room wakes us up says something fairly incoherent and then we march him to the bathroom, make him go pee, and put him back in bed. He never remembers ~ Cathy