10 February 2011

a little bit uncomfortable

This weekend my parents are coming for a visit.
I can't wait to hang out with them, I miss them so.
They are even planning on going to church with me Sunday.
This makes me a little anxious. I know that my parents love and respect the decisions that I make for myself, but the church I grew up in and the church I attend now are very different.
I went to a conservative church.
Same format every Sunday:
3 ACAPELLA songs
2 ACAPELLA songs
It still feels like home when I walk in the door of that church. It is constant and safe.
We did not have a band at church.
People stayed in their pews.
No one got excited and jumped up and down or yelled AMEN.
The church for me and my family now is a little different.
My church is LOUD and there is a band (with instruments). People get a little wild sometimes.
I hope my parents enjoy the service. I hope they feel as renewed as I do every week. I hope they feel close to God while worshiping.

Last week I worked in one of the KidZones during service so I didn't know what the service would be about this week. I got the midweek email this morning with the lesson title...

The Sex & Sexuality Talk.

Perfect. My parents are going to think I'm a heathen and they may petition to take my kids.

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  1. OMG!!! seriously, i have been there...my mom came to my church with me once, it sounds the same as yours...which i love it...it's more my style and i feel i get more out of it, so i know your anxiety, but my mom listens to christian radio, so she knew alot of the songs, so that was nice....and really i think they will be fine, we all worship the same God and that's what is important, not the way we do it... but i have to admit...the topic.. hehehehehe....tooo funny!!! :)