21 December 2010

i (will try to) love winter.

I hate to be COLD.
So, me and Winter don't get along so well.
Today on the first official day of Winter (even though we have already had 14.5in of snow) I will focus on the wonderful things winter brings us.

1. The silence of falling snow.

2. Static hat hair. (ONLY on babies!)

3. The warmth you get deep down in your belly with the first gulp of a hot drink, after being out in the cold.

4. The breathtaking beauty of bare tree limbs coated in ice.

5. Sledding, ice-skating, and building snowmen.

6. The warmth of the kitchen after hours of baking (can only be truly appreciated during winter).

7. The combination of watching falling snow while sitting by a warm fire. (the cheesy fire/ice combo)

8. (I'm starting to struggle here.) Wearing those favorite old soft sweaters.

9. The way that fresh snow can make even the ugliest yard beautiful.

10. Seeing the little puffs of your breath.

I wanted to get to 10 and that was all I could manage. Maybe next year I'll have more.

Happy first day of Winter.

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