10 February 2010

update: ugly shoes

*Sorry about that last crazy long rant about home repair…I passionately hate home repair projects. Today’s post should be short and sweet…

I have officially discarded the Ugly Shoes (AKA: Shape-ups). After wearing them for 3 months I don’t see any significant changes (that would be attributed to the shoes) in the posterior region of my body. I also haven’t noticed any improved posture, still my slouchy self. I think the sore calf muscles I had the first day of wearing them could have just been from breaking in a new style of shoe. I would suggest, take that money and pay for a few extra months at the gym and work it off the old fashioned, sweaty way.

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious. I think there was a Shape Up ad on the super bowl and now my mom wants some and I'm like, don't.