21 August 2009

something wicked this way comes.

My happy, funny adorable daughter gave me a glimpse into her future teenage years tonight.

On our drive home from running around all day she is tired and cranky and begins a 5 minute crazy tantrum that includes:

1. Her telling me that Daddy loves her and her brother more than he loves me.

2. Bursting into tears because she is thirsty and can't reach her drink.

3. Shredding a cardboard box and telling me, "I think I have an anger issue"

That's right 5 minutes. I can't imagine adding out-of-wack hormones to this fire.

1 comment:

  1. BWWHAAAAAA!!! soon soon soon my friend!!! sucks doesn't it... Love no. 1.... hehehee....go figure! KIDS!!!!