16 February 2011


Last night I hit the post work,  DEFCON 1 (War is imminent) the moment I got in the car to drive home.
I realized that:
1. I was late.
2. Peyt's basketball uniform was dirty.
3. I still had to stop at the dreaded Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
4. The pork chops for dinner were still frozen.
I pulled my number at the BMV (#101 and they were on #89) and began my war plan. I called home and told my son to get his uniform from Saturday's game out of the hamper and have it ready in front of the washer. I mentally went through the refrigerator and determined that I had enough turkey for 2 sandwiches and a few odd leftovers.
45 minutes later I am $300 poorer and irritated by the WITCH ignorant woman that waited on me.

I am one stubbed toe away from a complete sob-fest.

When I walk in the door I can hear the washer running upstairs. My little man gives me a hug and tells me he put his uniform in the wash (and he did it correctly!) and then he says, "Mrs. J. brought us dinner."
I ask, "Why?"
He says, "To thank us for driving (her son) to basketball practice this year."
Oh My! Now I nearly AM moved to tears.
This beautiful angel of a woman brought my family dinner as a Thank you.

I have done "Baby Dinner" and "Funeral Dinner", but I've never thought to do "Thank-you Dinner".
Jina J. has inspired me! I will be paying this thoughtful blessing forward and hopefully will save another mother from an impending sob-fest.

On a side note, I am head-over-heels for my little boy right now. As a parent we go through those stormy patches every now and then, but right now we are smooth sailing with a strong tail wind. After school tonight, Peyt called me and said, "Sorry we're a few minutes late calling you, but it is beautiful outside! Addi and I found a Ice waterfall by the drain and we were mesmerized over it! Can we ride bikes today after you get home?"
How cute is that? Sweet to sister, used the word mesmerized, and can't wait to play outside!

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  1. :) Sounds like you guys were due a break and some smiles anyway. What a great night-it's the little things that melt your heart. I think I need to start cooking more....