03 December 2009

a dull day.

On Sunday we took our annual jaunt out to Dull’s Tree Farm. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions. This time of year always seems to be such a whirlwind of running and visiting family and friends (or shopping!) it's good to begin the holiday out in the country on this cute little tree farm.

When we arrive my babes grab a cart and head toward the trees in search of the biggest tree they can find. They both took turns sawing the tree, until they got tired. Their Dad took a turn and cut almost to the end but then let them finish the last cut through.

We loaded the tree onto the cart and the kids pulled it up the hill. There was a massive line to have your tree shook and tied but the weather was mild and there were lots of things to keep us busy…they had farm animals to feed, peanuts to eat, fire to warm by, and people to watch. After we had our tree checked-in we were off to play.

The Dull family has perfected the holiday experience with three buildings decked out in Christmas décor. My favorite is the wreath making barn, the delicious smell of fresh cut evergreen hits you as soon as you open the door. I love to just sit and watch the ladies making up the wreaths, they all seem to be enjoying them selves laughing and talking, it has the organized chaos feeling of your mother’s kitchen.

They also have a craft store (where you pay for your tree-so no avoiding it) my kids seem to touch everything in the store twice and we got out without anything broken, so I am happy.

The last stop is an Inn that has tables and chairs, a large stone fireplace, snacks and cocoa, and a stack of board games to play. This is my kids’ favorite spot; they seem to drag out drinking their cocoa for-ev-er.

After that, we just wandered around looking at things we had already saw until we all ended up by the outdoor fire and decided we were done for this years trip to Dull’s. It was such a fun day, when we climbed into the truck for the drive home I looked back at my children’s little dirty cocoa mustache faces and smiled.

This is what’s important, not what goes under that tree.

On a side note: Dull's is in a National contest to have one of their barns restored and painted. Please go to the following website to learn more about the contest and to vote for their barn. You can vote once per day per computer. The contest is sponsored by the National FFA and Campbell Soup. http://www.helpgrowyoursoup.com/barn_dull.aspx

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